Why Should I Buy Guitars from High-End Guitar Dealers?

Paul Reed Smith Guitars or PRS Guitars is a well-known manufacturer of high quality electric guitars. They have the popular double -cutaway solid-body guitars and the single-cutaway version. They also have several other models produced since the company was founded in 1985 by Paul Reed Smith, hence the name.

Since the guitar was introduced in the market, it has received some attention from professional and well-known musicians especially when Ted Nugent tried the second PRS guitar even made. He was given eventually the guitar after Smith showed it to other musicians but he sold it for $200 several years after. PRS guitars has also made one for Peter Frampton in 1976 but the big break came after a 12-string version was ordered by Al DiMeola. It was in 1980 that Smith made a guitar for Carlos Santana, the Mexican blues-rock guitarist, who is also one of his idols. Santana was greatly impressed and he later used a custom-made PRS model as his main guitar.

These days, there are many reputable high-end guitar dealers that offer because of their built. The bodies are made from mahogany with flame maple tops on most models. Some versions may not have the flamed tops and are sometimes repainted but the bodies are still made of mahogany for stability.

The pickups and hardware used in a Paul Reed Smith guitar are made in-house. They also have a secret wire and magnet type construction used in their pickups. The guitar usually has natural finished except for the Metal models and some Standard and EG models, which are very highly glosses and the flames are clearly visible and intricately patterned.

Over the years, several models and versions were produced so that music enthusiasts can have various choices. Even beginners have their own model so they can get familiar easily with the play and sound to help them move on conveniently to a better version later on. They can avail of the Student Edition for a start because it is a budget-friendly model. Non-professional musicians can greatly enjoy it because of its ease of use. Read more about guitars here at http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/guitar.aspx.

Musicians of different levels have several versions to choose from according to their taste and playing style. It is only important to buy from high-end guitar dealers from local shops or online stores to make sure that you get your money's worth. It will not only suit your budget requirements but also your needs to play the right music with the right instrument to use.